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Top furniture trends for 2018

The addition of the right pieces of furniture can change the look and feel of your house. They add character and depth to any room and have their vital role to play. Every year, designers come up with new and clever designs to make our life easier.

Gone were the days when you had to go into a store to pick a piece of furniture, now you can shop from the comfort of your own home. But before you click on the buy button, have a list and go ahead with a plan so you are buying the best furniture online

Some of the most popular trends in furniture include:

Gold parts:

In 2018, homeowners can mix and match their metals they are no longer limited to only stainless steel parts. Gold is slowly making its way into home decor. It can get a little overwhelming to have gold accents around so start small with a lamp for the living room or a gold faucet in the bathroom. As you get a lot bolder, aim for bigger pieces for that added wow factor.


Cowhides add a sense of sophistication to any room. Your house or apartment wouldn’t be complete without one. Cowhide doesn’t necessarily have to be a rug under your feet. They can work their way into pillows, blankets, throws and even artwork. Cow hides or other hides like tiger or bears make for ideal accents. They are something a little different from the norm.

Neutral Gray:

Gray is one of the hottest neutral colours that is really popular now. It is extremely versatile in the sense it goes with bright and cheery colours like yellow and sky blue and also softer shades like white or lavender. You can paint your room completely gray or choose a few accent pieces.

Prints on the wall:

Gone are the days when walls where just plain white. Now wallpaper is coming back in a big way. Clients should expect to see an increase in available colours and textures in home stores because everyone wants to improve their wall decor. Bid goodbye to plain walls in favour of prints like blue with yellow flowers or lime green stripes.

Blue accents:

Blue has always been a popular colour but it will become even more popular for interior decorating. It also pairs together perfectly with Marsala, 2015’s Pantone colour of the year. Small pops of deep navy or indigo blue will become more common this year as their deep tones create a vibrant contrast to earthy tones like Marsala. If you are not sure about this trend, try small by including a blue chair or a blue pillow before your decide to do bigger things with this colour.

Mix of modern and mid-century:

Another popular trend is a throwback to the modern design styles during the 1950s to 1970s. Designers advise homeowners to exercise caution before incorporating this trend as it can be easy to get overwhelming quickly. Some ways to add this trend to your house is by a wood and mustard chair, printed orange chair- which could work well as an accent in any room. Or if you are after something a little bold, go for a funky mirror that will leave your guests in awe.

So there you have it, some popular trends in furniture. Why not try one out in your home today? So get rid of all that out-of-date matchy furniture, and clean out all your solid painted walls. It’s the right time to bring one of these stylish, and completely on-trend design staples to your home in time for the New Year. It’s a New Year so hears to a new beginning.