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Things to Consider Before Turning Your Home in to a Wooden Paradise


All of us have the dream of building a home of our own one day. However, only a handful of people get the opportunity to do this due to the lack of space, money and time. If you belong to the lucky few with the ability of making your dream home a reality, this is an article that might interest you.

You may already have a clear idea about how your home is going to look like one day.  You would’ve imagined the colours in your home, the furniture it is adorned with and how each room and space is decorated. While thinking of all this, did you ever consider building your home entirely or mostly from wood?

Imagine beautiful brown wooden floors, wooden walls rising high above the ground, wooden windows and blinds allowing just the right amount of sun to fall onto the wooden furniture.  In Australia, building a home such as this is actually a possibility. There is adequate access to wooden floor material, roofing material, timber blinds Melbourne and all sorts of wooden appliances across the country.

What are the limitations when building a wooden house?

The biggest issue that comes up with regard to wooden houses is the impact it makes on the environment. A house made entirely from wood will also resemble the death of many trees.  Due to this reason, most environmentalists would have negative things to say about a wooden house.

However, it is important to remember that houses made of wood are also called green houses. They are seen to be more eco-friendly than any other type of house. This is because it does not have materials such as asbestos, plastic or concrete which can all be very serious pollutants.

Why is it a healthier choice?

Using wood as the primary material of your house will be beneficial to your health in many ways. All synthetic materials are harmful to human health in some way. When considering plastic and its derivatives like PVC, they have the tendency to cause breathing issues by releasing microscopic particles to the atmosphere as they decay. Asbestos creates a similar negative impact on human health and could even cause specific types of lung cancers.

Wood on the other hand is a completely natural material and does not perish easily. The atmosphere inside the house will definitely be cleaner and lighter when it is surrounded by wood.

Is it a cheaper choice?

Building a wooden house can’t be called a cheaper choice entirely. However, there are certain aspects of it which will help you save money. For instance, using wood for the windows and the blinds of your home will help you to cut a lot of costs on maintenance since it will be highly durable.  It will also be a cheaper choice because you wouldn’t need to work extra hard to make them look pleasing to the eye. Wooden windows and blinds have a very unique aesthetic value even in its most natural form.

How safe are wooden houses?

The first image that comes to our mind when thinking of wooden houses does not really paint a positive picture with regard to its strength. Wood is seen to be a little on the fragile side when considering building material.  Anyhow, what’s important to remember is that the strength of the house will ultimately be decided on how it is designed and engineered. A skilled engineer can build a wooden house in such a way that it stands strong even against the strongest winds and any other disturbances.

It might be the future!

More and more people are moving away from using brick or concrete to build houses. This is a phenomenon that is observed all over the world. Even though people are not building houses entirely of wood, they are using a significant percentage of it in their home designs. This is mainly due to its aesthetic value, affordability and limited skill requirement.

The housing industry may one day evolve to a point where wooden houses are the accepted norm. Even if it doesn’t, the use of wood is only going to increase with time.

If you are thinking of building a wooden home, do not hesitate even for a second. You can talk to a good set of professionals, have a clear plan and make your dream a reality in a sustainable and affordable way.