Important points to mark when selecting a Solar Installer

Everyone wants to save energy and the more one can save the better it is. There is no doubt that solar panel systems are highly cost effective and save you from mounting electricity bills. With summer approaching, this is the best time to hunt for a good solar installer system.  Solar panel installation is one of the best decisions a homemaker can make to decrease their utility expense. It also helps in obtaining a safer, cleaner and consistent source of energy. The solar installer will be able to set up solar cells and panels on residential roofs smoothly.

You will need to start to scroll through your phone book and call for a professional company for installation of these panels. However, there are a few essential considerations you need to bear in mind for your upcoming solar system project.

When you are aware of what questions to ask the service provider, this will make your journey to turn into renewable energy more practical and exciting. Hence let us roll through the essential points you need to ask a service provide before installing that vital solar system.

The number of solar energy systems the company has installed before

You need to ensure that the professional company comes with right set of experience, to benefit the best from their end. You need to inquire about both off grid and also grid tie systems. Even ask them whether they work mostly for residential or commercial systems. Hence, likewise select them as per your required necessity. This will also provide you with an indication about the contractor’s history of involvement with this field. Also you would be able to estimate about the different kinds of components and brand names they are aware of. In short, you can gauge about their specialized background and the kind of work you can expect.

Inquire about the points they suggest for your residential project

Make sure that you keep your interests up front, as a prospective solar client. When the solar contractor arrives at your place, communicate to them about why you wish to switch over to solar. Also what kind of solar power system do they recommend on your property and most importantly, ‘why’. Even though you would have thought about a few options, before showing your hand, find out what the contractor recommends. This way you will also get an idea about the contractor and his level of understanding the importance of site selection. Just in case they arrive without any solar pathfinder, it is time to find someone else. Hence the selection of the site is the most crucial choice of a solar energy system.

Formal training in the area of residential solar energy installations

A reliable installer will be the one who has undergone extensive training. For example, there are many solar panel manufacturers who keep offering solar contractors with updated and continual education classes. These way contractors get familiar with details and working about their unique solar energy systems. You might also ask a probable installer if he has received any kind of training with a particular brand of solar equipment which you hope to purchase.

Are they accredited?

There are several state and national organizations, which offer useful certification programs which help distinguishing accomplished professionals. Hence this will definitely mark as an added advantage for you. It is essential for them to be accredited. One needs to be MCS accredited if he or she wants to become a solar panel installer. This signifies that they have passed the required test to become a successful installer. If you wish to verify your solar system installer and the credentials of the company, you can visit the MCS register. From here you will be able to locate your installer. Also check through the database of installers and confirm that the company is accredited by MCS.

Do you have any references?

If you want to really test the reputation of your installer, try to ask them about a few references from the clients they have worked in the past. By contacting their past clients you will get an authentic feedback about the company. Also, you can make an idea of the reliability of their customer service after the work is over. There will be several installers who will not mind showing you pictures about the work done by the company, the whole complete installation work. This is definitely a good sign and that the work done well!

Is the company bonded and insured?

Make sure that you verify that your installers come with adequate liability insurance. You need to do this by checking through the insurance papers. If the technicians stumble upon any issues, you will have to be certain and confident that the installer will be covering all the expenses of repairs and damages.