How to Repair Appliances at Home

Our homes are filled with all sorts of convenient appliances that are all too prone to breaking. What should you do if the microwave or the oven doesn’t start? Here are several important suggestions regarding what to do if an appliance at home stops working:

Call in the Professionals

It’s highly recommended to hire a professional repair service to properly fix any broken appliances at home. If the problem is serious, it’s important to only have the pros handle it. If you tinker with an appliance without knowing exactly what you are doing, you may end breaking it for good. Plus, it’s never really safe to tinker with sensitive wiring. Therefore, call in professional electricians if you don’t really know what’s going on. Never try to fix an appliance or touch the wiring if you are not an electrician.

Unplug the Appliance and Look for the Problem

If the appliance stops working suddenly, especially during a thunderstorm or following a brownout, it’s important to unplug the gadget.  There could be a power leak inside posing a risk. An electrical surge could have fried the gadget, in which case it could be risky to tamper with it. You should immediately unplug the gadget and place it away from energy sources. You can look for the problem now if you’d like. However, if the appliance is hot, don’t touch it.

Refer to the Owner’s Manual

The best source of information regarding the appliance that just broke is the owner’s manual. If the gadget is not starting when plugging in, or acts funny in any way, first check the owner’s manual for instructions. There would be a troubleshooting section that you should look over. The owner’s manual may also have information on how to fix certain common issues with appliances. Don’t try anything the owner’s manual doesn’t recommend or advises against. Don’t remove the casing of the appliance, for example, if you don’t know what you are doing.

Call Customer Support

The second best way to find a solution to your appliance’s problem is calling customer support. Most manufacturers offer free customer support to products. Call in and describe the problem. The support agent would guide you on what to do. It’s best to do this than try to fix the appliance on your own. If the problem requires professional help, the support agent would say so. If you need a replacement part, this information would also come from the customer support rep. This is also better than trying random fixes that you have only heard about from other people.

Do an Online Search for the Problem

Before you fix any electrical thing, just do a online search for the problem with the appliance. Chances are, other people might also have experienced the same problem. You may easily find a solution that doesn’t require calling in a repair service. To make sure that appliances don’t randomly fail to operate, make sure you perform recommended maintenance tasks. This would involve cleaning out coils once or twice a year, having a professional service the gadget, or replacing filters as in an HVAV system. Well-maintained appliances are less prone to breaking accidentally. Read the user’s manual of the appliance to learn about exactly how to maintain it properly.

In case an appliance does break, follow the above suggestions for getting it fixed.

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