Home Decor

Home ware decorating ideas for everyday living

Every home is unique in its own way. Be it through its structure, size or the interior decorating. It is up to the owner to take care of their house by caring for it with love. If you are after some quick solutions to change the look and feel of your home- look no further.

A little paint, change in wallpaper or addition of colourful accents could make a world of a difference tot your house. There are plenty of options to choose from but read this list before commencing on your shopping to ensure you go for the ideal home wares online.

Display a great collection on a dining room table

Dining tables don’t have to be empty. Display some of your most loved china or porcelains for a simple and homely effect. Use the table as a display shelf but don’t go overboard. Choose some really standout pieces for the best effect.

Mix and match your bedding

Your bedroom is one of the most important rooms of your home as your spend a lot of time there so why not make it warm and welcoming. A simple way to change is to mix and match your bedding. There is potential to go overboard so start small with stripes and flowers and then work your way through complicated patterns.

Paint an inexpensive piece of furniture white

White often gets labelled as a boring colour but sometimes its best to go back to the basics and keep things simple. If you find your have a lot of colour around your house, pick an inexpensive piece of furniture- say a table or lamp and paint it white. It gives the room a new lease of life and really change the way it looks.

Move seating away from the walls

Bring your furniture away from the ways. It opens up the room and creates a more warm and intimate setting. There is no rule that needs to be followed when placing furniture around the room. Place them so its comfortable to have a nice chat with your family and friends.

Give the room a cheery accent colour

An accent colour can lift the mood of a room. If your room is all blue, add in shades of yellow for a cheery accent. If your room is all white, add in pops or red or green for a mood-boosting effect. Add accents like throws, pillows, rugs and even art work. You get a completely different room for hardly any effort.

Mix-and-match chairs

Mix and match your dining chairs for a more welcome and casual atmosphere. For best results use chairs in various colours and heights.

Paint only half the wall

This is a clever to change up the look of your room without spending a lot of time. Use two colours in the same colour range for optimum effect. Say white and gray and paint each of them in half for a streamlined look throughout the house.

Add pops of colour to open shelves

Open shelving can be a  great way to show off your porcelain collection however ensure you add some accent pieces in bold shades to get a pop of colour, This works best if the rest of the room is of a neutral shade.

Give your shelves a bright renewal

This is a quick diy that can be done within a day or two depending on how much you would like to cover. The back of shelves are something we can see from afar so painting that in a bold colour would make for a nice visual pop.