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Coolest & Cheapest Alternatives To The Bedside Nightstands

Bedrooms in Australia are considered incomplete if the bed is not being supported by its symmetrical bedside tables on each side respectively. There are various terms which could be used to refer to these nightstands. However, one must ensure that these tables are as per the height of the bed and aid the utility aspect for the person going to use it else there is no point of keeping them on either side of the bed. It is also one of the major bedroom style rules as Aussies are inclined towards different kinds of bed heights, some opt for flat-on-the-ground surface while others are more into heightened stuff to support excess storage, to name a few.

Moreover, as nightstand needs of any individual depend upon its own demand and usages, therefore, avoid using ready-made impulse articles and rather invest some time in research or creating the coolest alternates of it, such as:

Wooden Chairs

You can place two chairs backward on either side of the bed to limn it as a very unconventional side table. This will fulfill your requirement of the cheap bedside tables as well as beat the clutter of chairs in your bedroom by giving it a more creative touch of usability.


A mini dresser, that is a support design element in your bedroom, could also be used on one side of your bed to give it a value of a nightstand. You can not only use its top surface to place your items rather use the spacious drawers as to hold your important documents, routine stuff and valuables alike.

Cocktail Tables

Another cheap nightstand alternate in Australia. Generally, a cocktail table is used to place wine on it while you are watching TV or having a me-time then why can’t we use the same table along with the wine on the bedside when you are reading from the comfort of your bed.

Floating Shelves

It is a very impactful option to be used in the capacity of economical bedside tables in Australia. These do not only look compact rather also, declutter the mass from underneath the shelves while giving it a minimalistic touch of fine aesthetics.


This does not only sound but look very French as well in a bedroom setting. You can use any shelving system on either side of the bed to give it an exquisite look. These etageres are generally used to place books and supporting light system in the room e.g. side lamps.


Generally, you do not find a sufficient space on either side of the bed in Australia that you could utilize to play on with your economical bedside table preferences.  So what you can do instead is place desks on both sides to utilize the space in a more viable way. Also, you can hop up things on it and jot down your journals with an ease on desks.


If you have a low platform bed then you can adorn it with low way bench on either side to complement the overall look and usage as well. These benches make a great substitute to cheap bedside tables for such beds and can be, hence, stacked with designer things as per your taste.


Which man in Australia does not own a console? Almost everyone keeps one for one’s entertainment. How about placing one console table on your bed’s side to not only fulfill your entertainment needs but also the bedside routine stuff keeping needs as well. This option works especially well for heightened and taller beds in Australia.


Wooden crates made of oak add a great sense of art and aesthetics to one’s room if placed with a vision. The overall look though seems rustic but very impactful at the same time. And also, this makes the cheapest option to be used as a budget-friendly nightstand.

Lastly, if you are running short on time and cannot indulge yourself in above-mentioned activities then it is recommended to do your proper homework on the requirement, size, and height of your bedside tables; then search online for any ongoing promotions on articles that complement your specs. After that, you can visit the market if the online search does not pay off you well enough. But it is very important to be fully aware of what you need on either side of bed beforehand.