4 Cost-Effective Flooring Solutions for Your Home

Home remodeling is not a daunting task when you carry forth the planning part well. There are several areas which need to be focused on to enhance the style quotient and the overall beauty of a home. Similarly, pondering over a few factors will help you to stay in budget but getting the desired result. One of the areas which one needs attention is flooring. If this section has been taken care of, the whole home can look beautified and stylish. At the same time, choosing the right flooring will also save your money making your home renovation cost effective.

Flooring solutions for your home

In Melbourne you will find different types of floors for your home. Even, if you want to change your existing floor with the most frugal option, you will not be disappointed. Timber floor is the craze of the present due to its style factor, ease of maintenance as well as not so costly price tag.

Timber floors

Even though the cost of timber flooring initially may seem a little expensive, but it will hugely increase the value of your house. This is a great investment and when you hire a professional for this work, everything will get installed in a sleek and perfect way. With the right timber flooring  supplier, you will get exclusive flooring solutions for your home. You can choose unique and new products that will help you make your home different from your neighbours’ and friends’ homes. From engineered timbers, solid timbers to outdoor timbers – you will have a plethora of options to select from. Such a supplier also sells other types of floors too that will also be perfect for your Melbourne home.

Hardwood Flooring

There is a flotilla of hardwood that you can select from and the price too is bearable. You can opt for engineered wood when you are opting for a cost-effective version as this would not be very expensive. This will for sure add a visual appeal to your house as well as boost the overall resale value of the house. Cleaning and maintaining them is no hard task and all that you would require is vacuuming.


You can get tiles installed at home as they are available at an extensive price range, making it again a much sorted option for many home owners who are in for home renovation. You can opt for professional installation. Ceramic tile that have the glazed effect are quite tough and durable and the best part being, is resistant to scratches. They are water resistant and hence being much in demand. They are available in a flotilla of materials and sizes, like travertine, granite, marble, slate and porcelain. Cleaning tiles is quite easy and even stains are not quite a concern, as removing them is quite easy. This would be a great option when it comes to remodeling your bathroom or kitchen section since it is water resistant. It would work well for the dining section too because if water or drinks get spilled, it can get wiped away easily.


Again, this is available in a good price range and a very affordable option. The best part about laminate is it will not get easily scratched, and installing it is easy. If oil or water spills, it can get quickly removed without much difficulty. They are quite similar to hardwood in terms of cleaning. If you have pets, you can feel free as they would not be able to scratch it.