How many of our homes rely on gas features without us even realising? The great thing about this resource is that it can be used for much more than simply heating homes – but as versatile as it might be, it’s not uncommon for pipes and canisters to need maintenance from time to time. Gas can be flammable and this is why we’d encourage you to take on the services of an expert, but what does a gas plumber do that you can’t exactly?

Repairing leaky pipes

Most gas will need to be transported through pipes and although most pipework will be more than capable of catering to this requirement, the fact is that not much lasts forever. If you’re looking at a pipe and noticing that faint whiff of gas, or if you spot the peculiar translucent appearance that occurs when gas is present; then you might be dealing with a leak.

Connecting new pipework

It doesn’t matter if you use the gas in your home to heat your oven, boil your saucepans, warm your radiators, or keep your boiler functioning – all gas will rely on pipes to connect it from its source to its destination and if you’d like to take advantage of a new installation, then why not hire a plumber? Most people think that these experts only deal with water, but in reality they are more than capable of addressing plumbing in all respects.

Gas system repairs

Although uncommon, it’s not unheard of for pipes and other gas storage systems to suffer with damage over time. Gas can consist of a small percentage of oil and in some cases, this oil composition can cause the inside of a canister or a pipe to rust. If left untreated, the rust could soon spread to the outside of the device and this can result in a leak, or a loss of pressure – as might be the case with radiators for example.

A local gas plumber can help to repair gas systems in their entirety; whether the issue relates to the canister or to the pipework. Without the proper attention, a small leak can quickly deteriorate into something worse. Over time breathing in gas can be very harmful to everyone present, including pets and children. Instead of running this risk, we’d encourage you to hire an expert to take care of the situation, whilst guaranteeing your families’ safety.